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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Posting may improve today

...if the connection will keep working. Its lousy or worse this morning.

One bit of good news, I just plunked my money down on a replacement Stevens Favorite 22 rifle. I found a pair of brand new ones, made by Savage for a real good price and Bob my local gun dealer and coworker decided that he would like one for his inventory. So the deal's in the works and shortly I will have another rifle in my locker. This one will be a regular shooter for all the time. I'm still looking for the "just right" original Stevens but that will have to take a back seat to next month's vacation.

In case you were wondering, "a real good price" is $285 deliverd for both guns! Check out the suggested retail on the link. I also saw these for sale locally just last week for $189 plus tax...

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